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Dr. H Manjunatha

College name : Dairy Science College, Kalaburagi

Department : Dairy Microbiology, Kalaburagi

Designation and address:

Dairy Science College, KVAFSU,
Mahagaon Cross, Kalaburagi 585316

Ph.D (Dairy Microbiology)

Mobile NO: 9606038319, 8762824545, 08478-220363
E mail ID: deandcm@gmail.com  &  dscexamcell@gmail.com


Fields(s) of specialization
  • Dairy Microbiology
Completed Projects

Project Title

Role in the Project

Fund Outlay

Funding Agency

Enhancement of fermentation of batter by using solid state fermentation culture.

Principal Investigator



Economic method of preservation of lactic acid bacteria

Co-Principal Investigator



Screening of milk sample available in the university dairy farm for the presence of antibacterial substances, their identification and effect on the growth of lactic acid bacteria.

Co-Principal Investigator



Determination of rapid microbial quality test for raw milk grading at society level

Principal Investigator



National Research Centre on Equines including Veterinary Type Culture (Dairy Microbes)

Principal Investigator



Livestock support and extension activities

Principal Investigator



Proposed research programmes
  • “Improving the farmers income with milch animals in HK region’’for financial assistance under “KKRDB- FUND” for the year 2019
Recent Research Publications


Madhusudan NM., Manjunatha H., and Davalagi Pallavi., A study on lsolation of acid and bile tolerance on Lactic acid Bacteria(LAB) in dairy product(dahi) of Bengaluru in Karnataka, IOSR-JESTFT (2017), Vol: 11(06) 61-65,.,


Akshaykumar, H. Manjunatha and B. Ramachandra., Production of Biomass of Lactic Acid Bacteria using optimized Solid Substrate in Self-Technique., Int.J.Curr.Microbiol. App.Sci(2017) Vol: 6(12) pp 2890-2898


Madhusudan NM., Manjunatha H., and Davalagi Pallavi., A study on isolation and screening of Lactic acid Bacterial isolates for dairy products., IJSTR(2017) Vol:06(07) pp 88-90.


Madhusudan NM., Manjunatha H.,  Davalagi Pallavi., and Ramachandra. B. A study on isolation of antibiotic resistance probiotic Lactic acid bacteria in dairy products(dahi)., IJCS (2018). Vol: 06(02) pp 2242-2245.

Honours & Awards
  • University Ph.D Gold Medal
Others Achievements
25 year of teaching UG, PG and MBA students besides research and extension experience in the field of Dairy Science and Microbiology. Guided 25 Post graduate students in Dairy Science as Chairman and Advisory Committee member. Served as Staff Advisor, Co-ordinator, Assistant co-ordinator of examination, Chief Warden, Co-ordinator for RDWE, NSS, Member of Board of Studies, Member of Academic council work assigned by the University. Served as Secretary AFSTI Bangalore Chapter and Life Member to AFSTI.