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Canine Research & Information Center (Mudhol Hound), Thimmapur, Bagalkot


Mandates of Canine Research and Information Centre, Timmapur :

  • To Conserve and Develop Mudhol Hound Breed of Dog.
  • To take up research in dog nutrition physiology, behavior, training, management, health care and breeding in Mudhol Hound breed of dog.
  • To provide facilities for dog breeding training and marketing.
  • To Co-Ordinate activities of various Government agencies, NGO’s and dog breeders involved in popularizing and development of the breed.
  • To establish Dog Growers Association

Research Projects :


Title of the Project“Livelihood security through Mudhol Hound dog Rearing in Bagalkot district.”


a. Principal Investigator  : Dr. Mahesh S .Dodamani


b. Co- Principal Investigator : Dr. Venkangouda G.D

Objectives of the Project:

1. To preserve the superior germplasm of the native Mudhol dog breed, the pride of Karnataka –  Mudhol Hound, the breed which is at the verge of extinct.

2. To provide livelihood support to the resource poor SC/ST landless and SC/ST Marginal  farmers families who have been maintaining the breed for generations.

3. To bring about sustainability in the development of the breed through SC/ST landless and SC/ST Marginal farmers families.

4. Establish linkages with various agencies involved in upkeeping of the breed.

5. Creation of the baseline data’s of the Mudhol Hound Dog Breed at different ages.

6. Formulation of required readymade nutrient rich diet for the Mudhol Hound Dogs.

7. Comparison of SC/ST Landless and SC/ST Marginal farmers families in Preserving, Developing  and Breeding of the Mudhol Dog Breed.


Year of commencement                :  2013-14


Progress made

a) The distributed pups to 235 beneficiaries along with Puppies, food and calcium and vitamins supplements.
b) 187 dogs have been micro-chipped and registered with Kennel Club of India in Collaboration Mysore Kennel Club Bangalore and Society for Indian Breeds of Dogs, Bangalore.
c) The beneficiaries are being educated regarding the Care and Management of puppies, Pregnant animals and whelped animals, etc

Research Publications:


Name of the Authors


Date of Publication


Dr. Venkanagoudar  Doddagoudar
Dr. Channappagouda Biradar
Shri Suresh Kumar

Hand book on Mudhol hound rearing



Dr. Mahesh S Dodamani,
Dr. A.Krishnaswamy
Dr. Suresh S Honnappagol
Dr. S Yathiraj
Dr. V. Chandrashekharmurthy
Dr. M. Narayanswamy
Dr. G. Sudha

Physical And Performance characteristics of Mudhol Hound Dogs Dogs- The pride of Karnataka



Dr. Mahesh S Dodamani
Dr. A.Krishnaswamy
Dr. Suresh S Honnappagol
Dr. S Yathiraj
Dr. V. Chandrashekharmurthy
Dr. M. Narayanswamy
Dr.  G. Sudha

Serum Biochemcial and Haematological Analysis of Mudhol Hound Breed of Dogs-The pride of Karnataka


Mudhol Hound to India Army, RVC , SSB and CRPF :

  • 06 dogs were handed over by Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar to Remount Veterinary Centre and College, Meerut for feasibility trial for induction into India Military by Dr. Yathiraj, Dean, Veterinary College, Bangalore
  • The dogs are successfully trained in various activities at RVC, Meerut and presently, all dogs have been posted at Shrinagar border area.
  • The government of India and RVC in collaboration are thinking to breed Mudhol Hound Dogs at RVC, Meerut for further propogation of the breed, for better adoptation and conserving indigenous breed in the northern parts of  India
  • 4 dogs are handed over to Seema shashatra Bhal Rajasthan
  • 4 dogs to the CRPF Bangalore
  • During 2019-20 we are going to introduce 6 mudhol dogs into NSG, New Delhi for training purpose and two dogs to Central Industrial Security Force, Sriharikote.

Breed Saviour Award:

Canine Research & Information Centre, Timmapur has been awarded as Breed Saviour Award 2015 for conservation of indigenous Breed of Mudhol Dog since 2009 by Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Voluntary Action.