Director of Research

Dr. B.V. Shivaprakash

  Contact Address: 
  Karnataka Veterinary Animal & Fisheries Sciences
  University Nandinagar PB No.6 BIDAR 585 401 Karnataka, India
  Phone: 08482-220225

Breif Profile:

Dr. B.V . Shivaprakash obtained his BVSC, degree from UAS, Bangalore, MVSC., & PHD from I.V.R.I Izatnagar and has 16 years of experience in the field of Veterinary surgery. He is presently working in dept. of surgery and radiology, Veterinary college as Professor and Head. In addition to teaching BVSC, courses, he has guided four MVSC, students. He has completed four university and one outside funded research project. Involved in extension services by treating large number of animals for surgical disorders, conducting operations and providing diagnostic services through x-ray, clinical investigative procedures and attended 70 animal health camps given 15 radio talks, published 25 extension articles and 48 publications in journals. He has presented 60 research and clinical abstracts in symposia. Served as National Service Scheme officer (NSS) for three years. He has also served as internship co-ordinator for eleven years and designed and monitoring internship programme in good livestock farms, veterinary hospitals, Zoo, Milk and meat Plants. He has received 11 awards such as ‘Dr. Bhasker Singh Award’, ‘Smt. Ramani Ramachandran Award’, ‘Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery Awards’, 1995, 2003 and 2006, ‘Best Veterinarian Award’, ‘Karnataka Governments Independence Day Award’, ‘Roman Catholic Vishesha Seva Award’, ‘K.N. Nage Gowda Award’ for animal husbandry etc.