Project Planning and Monitoring cell

The Project Planning and Monitoring Cell (PPMC) was established in the year 2007 with following mandate and functions, 
Mandate of PPMC

  • Making analytical appraisal of the developments in Veterinary Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and dairy sector in the state in the past, present and as well as perspective on future directions of development.
  • Developing a systematic framework for an efficient utilization of human, livestock, infrastructure and financial resources.
  • Analysis of Academic, Research and Extension activities in the University and to provide a base for formulating perspective plans and innovative research and extension projects.

Functions of PPMC

  • Preparation of an overall perspective development plan of the University.
  • Preparing feasibility reports of projects for the University and on request for other agencies.
  • Identifying specific teams or task forces consisting of internal or external experts for evaluation of the work of specific departments or college or programmes.
  • Analyses of plans formulated by different units/ departments of KVAFSU, Bidar and suggest modifications, in line with the perspective plans.
  • Monitoring of various Programmes implemented.
  • Critical analysis of various projects completed by experts and documentation of results of completed projects.
  • Organizing workshops/ seminar in areas like internal efficiency, pooling of resources, teaching skills etc.
  • Building up sound knowledge base including statistical information, publications, audio-visual presentations on the various activities of the University which would help in making proper projections for the future.
  • To prepare reports for submission to various organizations like ICAR/ GOI/ GOK/ VCI/ UGC/ DBT besides furnishing information sought by these institutions.

Evaluate projects of outside agencies, such as Government of Karnataka when requests for evaluations are received. For further details contact the Head, PPMC, KVAFSU, P.B.No-6, Nandi Nagar, Bidar 585 401 Karnataka or through email to :