Extension Education Center, Bidar

The Extension Education Center, Veterinary College, Bidar is working under Directorate of Extension, KVAFSU, Bidar  as a single window extension service provider. It is mandated with co-ordination of Technology generation, testing, refining and transfer activities. as follows.

  •  Capacity building of youth, farmers and women involved or interested in  livestock production .
  • Creating awareness about the latest, proven and recommended scientific practices by organizing on-campus and off-campus extension activities like trainings, demonstration etc.
  • Organization and coordination of Extension Programmes, Exhibitions, Animal Health Camps, Demonstrations, Kisan Gosthies, Farmer study tours; training to farmers, farm women and field veterinarians.
  • Publish need based farm literatures like booklets, pamphlets, folders, in Kannada.
  • Organizing or participating as resource person in farmers’ participatory workshops, interface meets between scientists and veterinary officers / livestock extension officers / dairy development officers and farmers.
  • To provide livestock advisory services to various stakeholders
  • involved in investigation, situation analysis, problem identification and extension programme planning
  • Act as a linkage between researchers, farmers and other stakeholders of livestock production. Supporting feedback, investigation and decision making process.
  • Various services of Veterinary College, Bidar to different stakeholders is depicted through the online video available @  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ-i7lf0KJ8