Message of Director of Research


In order to optimize and harvest the returns from livestock sector, there is a need to focus on bridging yield gaps by enhancing productivity through appropriate investments in R & D along with promoting smallholder livestock enterprises,  introduction of intensive production technologies, improvement of pasture and fodder production, use of supplement feeding from available feed resources, adoption of improved technologies in disease control and veterinary public health in order to ensure access of our livestock and animal products at international markets and introduction of cost-recovery policy to enforce commercial attitudes towards livestock production. Therefore, the research in animal science should focus on increasing productivity of animals, and quality of products apart from the conventional approach of increasing total production. This amounts to modernization of research facilities in the Colleges, Institutes and Livestock Research & Information Centres of the KVAFSU.

In Dairy Science, the research is also being carried out in the areas of by products utilization, up gradation of indigenous dairy products, value addition to dairy products, enhancement of shelf life of indigenous dairy products, application of membrane technology, modification of protein by enzymes for enhancing nutritional and functional properties, bioactive peptides and development of pro-biotic and pre-biotic foods

The aquaculture and coastal fisheries of Karnataka has been the subject of considerable studies.  Most of the studies have concentrated on the diversity of flora and fauna, breeding and genetics, health management of aquatic animals, monitoring of water pollution and water quality analysis.  During the last decade vast research output and technologies in the area of fish health management, fish breeding and genetics, product quality management and fishery by products and value addition to fishery products have been generated and have been passed on to the farmers.  The fisheries research has concentrated on developing a good action plan to strengthen national capacity in the area of environmentally and socially sustainable integrated coastal zone management.


Dr. Basavaraj Awati
Professor & ADR
M.V.Sc, PhD
Phone No:+91-8482-236112(Resi);+91-9449661149(Mobile)

Brief Profile:
Presently working as Professor in Department of Veterinary Microbiology ,Veterinary College &  also working as ADR in University Head Quarter, KVAFSU, Bidar .Involved in Teaching to the undergraduate and post graduate students of our university and also working as advisory member for the post graduate students. Actively involved in the PG research activities. Worked as technical veterinary officer at Balakrishna hatcheries, Miraj from September 1992 to December 1993. Then worked as veterinary officer on contract basis from January 1994 to June 23rd 1994 in department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Govt .of Karnataka.  Then Joined as assistant professor in Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Veterinary College, Bidar (UAS, Dharwad) from 24th June 1994. Selected as Professor from 31 December 2011. He is working as Principal Investigator for the three Research Projects Sponsored by Indian Immunologicals Ltd Hyderabad.

1.”Efficacy Testing of Brucella Rev-1 vaccine Through Subcutaneous and Conjunctival
Routes in Sheep & Goats”.
2. “Efficacy testing of Goat pox Vaccine In Goats”.
3. “Efficacy testing of Tetanus toxoid Vaccine in animals”.
He has published fourteen research articles & eleven research abstracts.