Extension Education Council

Composition of Extension Education Council

  1. There shall be an Extension Education Council consisting of the following members, namely:
    • Vice-Chancellor
    • The Director of Animal Husbandry, Government of Karnataka
    • The Director of Fisheries, Government of Karnataka
    • All Directors of Post Graduate Studies, Research and Extension
    • All Deans of the Constituent Colleges
    • All Heads of Divisions and Regional Research Stations
    • Two eminent persons in the field of Extension Education from outside the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for any particular meeting in accordance with the requirement of the agenda
    • Three Progressive Farmers having specialization in Animal Husbandry, Veterinary or Fishery Sciences or other allied branches nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to avail the benefit of their specialized knowledge and experience
  2. Vice-Chancellor shall be Chairperson and Director of Extension shall be the Member Secretary of the Extension Education Council.
  3. Any member nominated to the Extension Education Council shall be liable to be removed from such membership at any time by the Vice-Chancellor on the ground of misbehaviour, misconduct or otherwise after holding an enquiry.